Bulk Printing & Embroidering Services


Bring your vision to life with our bulk printing and embroidering services, provided by a trusted supplier. From custom logos to promotional messages, we ensure high-quality, personalised embellishments that make your garments stand out, always meeting your deadlines with precision.


Screen Printing

Splash your designs in bold colors with screen printing. Perfect for large batches, this method ensures sharp prints that won't fade, offering a cost-effective way to showcase your brand on a variety of garments.

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Dive into vibrant, full-colour designs with sublimation printing. Ideal for intricate patterns and gradients, this technique infuses ink directly into the fabric, creating a lasting and vivid finish that truly stands out.

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Add a touch of craftsmanship to your brand with embroidery. Perfect for logos and personalisation, this technique brings a tactile and premium feel to your garments, showcasing your professionalism with every stitch.
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Direct to Garment

Unleash detailed and vibrant prints with DTG printing. This method allows for high-resolution customisation on various fabrics, ensuring your designs come to life with clarity and precision, leaving a memorable impression.

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How it Works.

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2. Account Approval

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5. Production and Delivery

As your payment is received, we swiftly move to process and prepare for delivery. Expect a seamless experience from order confirmation to the swift delivery of your wholesale products. Your business efficiency and satisfaction are our top priorities.



Our bulk services cover a wide range, including apparel, accessories, and promotional products. Check out our online store my using the navigation menu to find what you are looking for or feel free to enquire about specific items.

It’s simple! During the ordering process, you can submit your designs online. Our team will review and ensure your vision is accurately reproduced.

Bulk orders often offer cost advantages. Sign up for a wholesale account and get access to reduced prices for 1000s of products. Alternatively you can contact us for a detailed quote based on your specific design, quantity, and customisation requirements.

Turnaround times vary depending on the complexity of the order. We will confirm your estimate delivery once we have recieved your order, and we’ll work to meet your specific deadlines.

Certainly! We offer the flexibility to mix printing and embroidery services in the same order, providing you with diverse customisation options.

Our bulk printing services support a variety of colors. Contact us to discuss your specific design requirements, and we’ll guide you through the possibilities.

If you have any questions, contact our sales team who are ready to help