Clothing & Merchandise Wholesalers


At JVE, we place significant importance on our standing as a leading wholesale distributor of promotional products and customised apparel. Our dedication revolves around providing customers with an extensive selection of offerings, sourced exclusively from trusted suppliers. We strive to seamlessly blend top-notch quality with innovative design, solidifying our commitment to being a premier choice in wholesale clothing in Malta.



How it Works.

1. Sign Up

Begin your journey by signing up and filling in our form with precision. Due to our stringent ID check process, accuracy is paramount. Your commitment to providing detailed information ensures a smooth account approval process.

2. Account Approval

Our dedicated team swings into action, conducting a thorough ID check. We may reach out to you for clarification and additional details. Rest assured, this meticulous process is geared towards ensuring the security and authenticity of your account.

3. Dedicated Order Form

Simplify the ordering process with our dedicated system. Whether it's a repeat order or new additions, our streamlined process ensures efficiency and ease in placing orders. Making sure you can continue to grow your business efficiently.

4. Production and Delivery

As the final step unfolds, we swing into action to produce your meticulously chosen uniforms. Our commitment to quality shines as we prepare your order for delivery. Sit back and relax – your professionally tailored uniforms will soon be delivered, ready to make a lasting impression for your team.


Our range includes a variety of apparel, from shirts and outerwear to accessories and promotional merchandise.

We source our products from reputable suppliers known for their commitment to premium quality. You can trust in the durability and style of our offerings.

Certainly! We provide the flexibility for you to create a customised mix of garments and promotional items to suit your brand’s needs.

Our ordering process is flexible, accommodating both small and large quantities. Contact us for details tailored to your specific requirements.

The processing time varies, but our team works efficiently to fulfill orders promptly. Estimated delivery times are provided upon confirming your order based on your location and order specifics.

Absolutely! Contact us to discuss sample options so you can assess the quality and design before finalising your wholesale order.

If you have any questions, contact our sales team who are ready to help